The Neumühlen Water Terraces

Proposal for the tranformation of an existing parking lot in to a public park domain, and natural water cleaning facility. The design was made in collaboration with landcape architect Signe Rabølle Nielsen. 

Today the area selected for the Neumühlen Water Terraces, is a public wasteland, accomodating only parking possibilities for nearby services. Due to this fact, most of the area is pavet with asphalt. This condition is contributing to an environment that is monotone and cold, with no room for people, and no potential for public interaction. But because of the location of the site, it posses a great social potential, which must be exploited. The areas natural topography, and the past uses of the site, has resulted in an excavation which has further contributed to a dramatical slope. This is the main reason why the area has been cut of from the parks north of it, and why it offers no direct ways of transition between Neumühlen and the parks.

The abundance of water drained from the area, represents both spatial and ecological values. Today the water from the hillside is treated equel to any kind of other water that is collected in to the sewer system and delivered in to the Elbe. But in fact the amount of pollution in the different water systems is very different, and they should be treated as so. It is one of the main concernes of the project, to adress the situation of the contaminated water, and create an ecological and social sustainable condition for the Neumühlen Water Terraces.