Design for The International Garden Show 2013 in Hamburg

Together with landscape architect Signe Rabølle Nielsen, MUD has been invited to design a garden for The International Garden Show 2013 in Hamburg, Germany.
From April through to October 2013 Hamburg will host The International Garden Show. The IGS 2013 will not only be about gardens and flowers – the main aim is the creation of a public park of the 21st century on the island Wilhelmsburg in the river Elbe. Wilhelmsburg is the largest river island of Europe.

Apart from its island situation, Wilhelmsburg is also influenced by its international population and the nearby port. This inspired the slogan of the IGS 2013 “In 80 Gardens Around the World”.
During the fall and winter we will be designing a garden that focus on nature, sustainability and human interaction.

We hope to be able to show you more soon. But for now please visit the website of The International Garden Show 2013 for more information, and updates on the preperations for the event.